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Carmelite Sisters: Spiritual Friends of The Studio of St Philomena

The Carmelite Sisters in Christchurch and the Studio of Saint Philomena share a special relationship built on the foundation of prayer. The Sisters' spiritual strength and devotion are the backbone of the Studio's mission to create beautiful works of religious art that inspire and uplift the faithful.

Through their prayers, the Carmelite Sisters provide a spiritual underpinning for the work of the Studio, infusing every brushstroke with divine grace and inspiration. They are the unseen force behind every piece of art, a spiritual energy that emanates from their daily practice of prayer and contemplation. We are so grateful for them.

Ko Hāta Maria, te Matua Wahine o te Atua, also known as @tearaamaria, is a beautiful and powerful icon that represents the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Her arrival at the Carmelite convent in Christchurch is a significant event, as it marks halfway of a year-long pilgrimage to over 400 places in New Zealand. Damien had the honour of going "behind the grill" and gave a explanation of the artwork to the sisters.

Together, the Carmelite Sisters and the Studio of Saint Philomena form a powerful partnership, one that combines the spiritual strength of prayer with the beauty and power of art. Our shared mission to inspire and uplift the faithful is a testament to the transformative power of prayer and the enduring value of religious art.

As we continue to work together, we hope to continue to create works of beauty and devotion that inspire and uplift all those who encounter them.


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