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Dunedin cathedral angels regain their wings

Updated: Mar 16

Joy was definitely in the air on Gaudete Sunday (December 17) in Advent at St Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin, at the 10.30 am Mass, and it wasn’t just in anticipation of the lighting of the pink candle.

As the congregation began to assemble, people’s attention focused on the sanctuary area, and comments were whispered and nods exchanged. The focus of attention and admiration were the two recently re-installed sanctuary angels. They had grown wings overnight.

One whispered explanation was that the sanctuary angels had celebrated their release from storage in a room in the cathedral’s tower, and their subsequent restoration by having a bit of a party overnight. During the celebration, they had imbibed a well-advertised drink that has the desired effect.

The Latest press release from Dunedin published by Jeff Dillon find the article here


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