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Grace Eternal: A Testament to Faith, Education, and the Transformative Power of Art.

The beautiful statue of Our Lady of Grace, crafted by the Studio of Saint Philomena, graces the serene prayer garden at Saint Mary's Catholic School, Tauranga

At The Studio, we firmly believe in the timeless power of art to touch lives and leave a lasting impact on future generations.When Emma's family approached us with a heartfelt request to commission a 1m tall

statue of Our Lady of Grace in her honor, we were deeply honored. This statue serves as a perpetual reminder of Emma's unwavering faith and the strength she derived from it during her courageous battle with cancer. It is not only a tribute to her remarkable legacy but also a symbol of inspiration for the St Mary's community.

The Members of Saint Mary's school community round the statue.

The memorial garden at Saint Mary's Catholic School Tauranga, is now home to the statue, has become a sacred space where people can seek solace, engage in deep reflection, and connect with their faith as It exudes a serene ambiance, enriched by the natural beauty that surrounds it and the presence of the statue. This environment encourages contemplation and fosters spiritual growth, offering a place for the St Mary's community to find peace and renewal .

Despite the challenges posed by the weather, the unveiling and blessing ceremony brought the community together to honor Emma's memory. In the face of adversity, the attendees demonstrated their unwavering dedication and respect. Father Gerard's blessing further elevated the statue's spiritual significance, sanctifying it as a tangible representation of faith and underscoring the profound role that art plays in preserving cherished memories.

Fr Gerard Boyce blessing the statue

The statue of Our Lady of Grace stands not only as a tribute to Emma but also as a testament to the transformative power of faith and education. Emma's tireless dedication as a teacher at St Mary's School embodied the positive impact of education, and her unwavering faith provided her with guidance and strength throughout her life. The creation of this memorial by The Studio acknowledges the profound influence of these two pillars and their capacity to shape lives in a meaningful way.

Peter and Sally Washer, parents of Emma, commissioned the statue, standing with Fr. Gerard Boyce after the blessing.

Through this heartfelt tribute, The Studio endeavors to inspire the St Mary's students and community for years to come through this Image. Art possesses a remarkable ability to transcend boundaries, evoke profound emotions, and perpetuate the legacies of those who have profoundly impacted our lives. It is a privilege for us to create the center piece for the memorial garden that honors Emma's legacy, providing a space for remembrance, reflection, and the nurturing of faith.

Leave lasting legacy If you are seeking a beautiful piece of artwork to commemorate a special event or a loved one, please feel free to reach out to The Studio on our contact page. Together, we can commission and create a lasting legacy that will touch hearts and inspire generations to come.

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