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Resurrecting Beauty: The Extraordinary Restoration Journey of the Sacred Heart Statue

Before the restoration and after fully restored with over 200 sheets of 24k gold leaf

In the month of the Sacred Heart, we have a remarkable restoration story to share with you. It's about a beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart, standing at 90cm tall. This statue has a rich history, as it used to reside at St Joseph's Church in Papanui. It was brought there many years ago by the early sisters when the church was first established.

As time went by, the small chapel grew into a magnificent church, and the statues within it grew in size too. The smaller statues, including the Sacred Heart, were entrusted to a caring family for safekeeping. But fate had something else in mind when the violent September 2010 earthquake struck. The statues were suddenly dislodged from their stand, falling and crashing into the wooden edge of a nearby bed. It was a devastating impact, shattering the head of the Sacred Heart and damaging its hands.

The original damage from the 2011 earthquake.

The broken pieces were carefully collected and stored away, where they remained untouched for eleven long years. Then, by chance, we had a fortuitous encounter with the family who had been the caretakers of this damaged statue. We exchanged contact details, and upon seeing the image of the wounded statue, we knew the restoration journey was about to begin.

Restoring the statue was no small task; it required a lot of time and patience. The head had to be completely reconstructed, with only a small portion of the face remaining intact. We molded part of the jawline from a similar statue, creating new pieces that seamlessly fit the gap. We then sculpted and smoothed the features, delicately shaping the hair to restore its former glory.

During the reconstruction

Once the structural elements were carefully reconstructed, it was time for a comprehensive resurfacing. Layer by layer, the statue was sanded down to a smooth, polished finish, eagerly awaiting its vibrant transformation.

With great care and precision, a decision was made to guild the statue with 200 sheets of 24k gold leaf. Each delicate sheet was meticulously applied and gently buffed. As the final touches were added, the statue was transformed into a beautiful masterpiece.

This statue now graces its new home, becoming a cherished part of the family's daily life. It serves as a constant reminder of the strength that can emerge from adversity and the enduring beauty that can be crafted from brokenness. In the presence of this extraordinary work of art, one cannot help but be moved by the stories it silently whispers, the faith it symbolizes, and the unwavering love it represents—the Sacred Heart restored, forever inspiring hearts and souls.

The completed Image After restoration.

If you're interested in commissioning a beautiful piece of art similar to the image shown, we invite you to contact our Studio. Our skilled artist is dedicated to creating unique masterpieces. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


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