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The Catholic Leader Brisbane Artist Damien Walker’s mission borne out of Christchurch earthquake

I am delighted to share that the Studio had the honor of being interviewed by the Catholic Leader during my recent visit to Brisbane. This insightful article, published just this weekend, highlights the unique essence of my work, capturing the essence of tradition while embracing the spirit of the present.

In this article below, we are excited to give you a glimpse into our work that encapsulates our artistic philosophy.

Victoria Point parish priest Fr Ladu Yanga said he was grateful to have found Damien to “facilitate the creation of the statue of St Rita, our patron saint, as well as the new crucifix for above our altar Being that Damien is located in New Zealand, it meant that we were able to have these items made and shipped to us in a timely and cost-effective way,”

Sacred art: Damien Walker engrossed in his life’s work as an artist restoring precious pieces of sacred art. In this case he’s working on statues of Our Lady and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Recently the New Zealand-based artist worked on a statue of St Rita and a crucifix for St Rita’s Church, Victoria Point.

Read the full Article here

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